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Table 2 Longitudinal process estimates from the joint model

From: Joint modelling of longitudinal and time-to-event data: an illustration using CD4 count and mortality in a cohort of patients initiated on antiretroviral therapy

 β estimate aS.E.p-value
Age (years)-
Men (ref: women)-1.860.22<0.001
Urban site (ref: rural)-
Prevalent TB (ref: No prevalent TB)-0.570.290.047
Log10 viral load (copies/ml)-0.610.11<0.001
Time on ART (years)1.890.37<0.001
Time ×Prevalent TB (ref: no prevalent TB)1.260.16<0.001
Time × log10 viral load0.190.070.007
  1. aadjusted estimates; S.E.: standard error