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Table 2 Antibiotic management protocols for the EA and TA groups

From: Can metagenomic next-generation sequencing identify the pathogens responsible for culture-negative prosthetic joint infection?

VariableEA group (n = 12)TA group (n = 12)P value
Intravenous antibiotic duration (d)22.92 (13–35)16.58 (13–24)0.891*
Antibiotic costs (Yuan)20,168.37 (3236.38–45,297.16)10,164.16 (2959.54–16,661.04)0.043*
Antibiotic-related complications610.091**
Liver dysfunction300.59**
Renal dysfunction110.478**
Drug eruption101**
  1. *Mann-Whitney U test;**Chi-square test