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Table 3 Univariate and multivariate analyses of risk factors of HBsAg sero-positivity, HBV exposure among children participants in rural Nanoro, Burkina Faso, 2018

From: The changing epidemiology of hepatitis B and C infections in Nanoro, rural Burkina Faso: a random sampling survey

Child n%Exposure (HBsAg or HBcAb positivity)a (n = 142)HBsAb positivity (n = 90)
Univariate analysisbMultivariate analysisCUnivariate analysisbMultivariate analysis d
n(+)OR(95%CI)paOR(95%CI)p valuen(+)OR(95%CI)p valueaOR(95%CI)p value
Age group (years)[1,2,3,4]13455.8681.0 0.003e1.0  531.0     
[5,6,7,8,9,10]10644.2742.21.3–3.8 2.11.2–3.80.008e370.80.5–1.40.461   
One Penta at leastNo135.4581.30.4–4.1   271.0  
Yes22794.6841.0 0.451   632.10.6–7.70.279   
Completely vaccinatedNo8937.1622.01.2–3.5 1.70.9–3.1 291.0  
Yes15162.9801.0 0.012e1.0 0.076611.40.8–2.40.228   
GenderFemale11246,7731.71.0–2.70.0771.71.1–2.9 351.0  1.0  
Male12853.3691.0  1.0 0.047e551.71.0–2.80.0621.60.9–2.70.104
Birth placeHealth center21489.21241.0    851.0  1.0  
Home birth2610.8181.60.7–3.90.273   50.40.1–0.90.048e0.40.1–1.10.073
Ethnic groupMossi22493.31311.0    851.0     
Gourounsi114.693.20.7–15.10.143   30.60.2–2.40.479
Other52.120.50.1–2.90.418   21.10.2–6.70.925   
Blood transfusionNo22895.01351.0    861.0    
Yes125.071.00.3–3.10.952   41.20.4–4.10.760 
Birth assistanceHealth Skilled21489.21241.0    851.0  
Traditional skilled125.0103.60.8–17.00.101   20.30.1–1.40.130   
other145.881.00.3–2.90.953   30.40.1–1.50.185   
Traditional ScarificationNo21187.91201.0  1.0  811.0    
  1. In multivariate analysis, covariates were selected by stepwise procedure (method of increasing and decreasing based on p-value threshold: both of probability to enter and probability to leave are 0.3)
  2. a hepatitis virus exposure: Seropositivity to hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) or hepatitis B core antibody (HBcAb)
  3. b χ2– Test or Fisher Exact Test
  4. c Logistic regression analysis with the stepwise method: R2 = 0.0649, model p-value < 0.05, n = 240
  5. d Logistic regression analysis with the stepwise method: R2 = 0.0227, model p-value < 0.03, n = 240
  6. e Represents statistically significance
  7. OR Odds ratio, aOR adjusted Odds ratio, CI Confident Interval