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Table 1 Summary of clinical characteristics of encephalic schistosomiasis japonicum

From: Identification and characterization of microglia/macrophages in the granuloma microenvironment of encephalic schistosomiasis japonicum

Case No.SexPresenting symptomsSiteTherapy performedFollow-up
1MHeadache with vomiting for 9 daysSingle nodule in right cerebellumTotal surgical resectionWell-controlled 4 years with continuous follow-up
2FEpilepsy for 3 daysSingle nodule in left parietal lobeTotal surgical resectionSeizure-free 2 years, loss of contact afterwards
3MHeadache and motor aphasia for 20 daysMultiple nodules in left frontotemporal lobeTotal surgical resectionLoss of contact
4MEpilepsy for 1 weekMultiple nodules in left frontal, parietal and temporal lobesTotal surgical resectionSeizure-free 2 years with continuous follow-up