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Table 4 Factors associated with intestinal parasite infections of the inmates

From: Intestinal parasite infections and associated factors among inmates of Arba Minch prison, southern Ethiopia: cross sectional study

VariableIP infectedNone IP infectedCOR (95% CI)AOR (95% CI)P-Value
Previous residence
 Rural102951.5 (0.9–2.3)  
Marital status
 Married1121001.8 (1.1–2.8)1.8 (1.1–2.9)0.014*
Availability of Waste disposal container
 Not available11200.6 (0.3–1.2)  
Way of sleeping
 In group1371361.8 (0.9–3.4)1.9 (1.0–3.8)0.039*
Number of inmates per room
 < 1001623Ref.  
 100–15073821.3 (0.6–2.6)  
 > 15065611.5 (0.7–3.2)  
Hand washing practice after handling soil
 No9180.5 (0.2–1.2)2.4 (1.0–5.6)0.047*
Having chronic diseases
 Yes21330.6 (0.4–1.2)0.6 (0.3–1.1)0.091
  1. *: Independently associated with intestinal parasite infection; AOR Adjusted Odd Ratio, COR Crude Odd Ratio, Ref. Reference