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Table 5 RDSAT-weighted bivariable and multivariable associations of demographic and behavioral characteristics associated with HIV among PWID, Mozambique 2013–2014

From: High prevalence of HIV, HBsAg and anti-HCV positivity among people who injected drugs: results of the first bio-behavioral survey using respondent-driven sampling in two urban areas in Mozambique

ORa95% CIp-valueaORa,b95% CIp-valueORb95% CIp-valueaORa,c95% CIp-value
n = 351  n = 333  n = 139  n = 137  
Ages 35+ (ref: 18–34 years)1.50.9–2.30.09   3.71.5–9.4<–65.80.01
Years since first injected (ref: 0–5 years)
 6–10 years2.01.1––3.80.0316.65.1–62.8< 0.0122.85.3–126.4< 0.01
 11 or more years2.31.4–4.0<–––10.20.62
Marital status (ref: single; never married)
 Married or in a conjugal union0.80.4–1.40.45   2.20.8–6.00.11   
 Separated, widowed or divorced1.30.7–2.30.42   1.10.3–3.90.84   
Some secondary or higher (ref: primary or less)1.00.6–1.60.99   1.30.5–3.80.58   
Spoke Portuguese as the primary language at home (ref: other language)1.20.7–2.00.45   0.80.3–2.00.59   
Choice of injection drug is heroin (ref: cocaine or other)2.41.3–––5.50.354.31.2–18.20.03
Ever shared a syringe or needle, lifetime3.42.2–5.5<–5.3<–3.70.35   
Ever incarcerated1.61.0–2.50.07   2.00.8––10.90.06
Ever had sex in exchange for drugs, lifetime0.60.3–––5.00.70   
Did not have access to new, unused syringes or needles2.91.3–7.10.01   0.10.0–< 0.01–0.40.02
Injected daily, last thirty days2.01.3–3.2<––8.90.01   
Ever tested for HIV test, lifetime2.21.3–3.7<–4.0<–8.20.04   
  1. a Weights imported from RDSAT 7.1
  2. b Adjusted for all other variables in the model, LL − 177.913 (df = 8)
  3. c Adjusted for all other variables in the model, LL −39.09976 (df = 7)
  4. Note: Variables were retained in the model (aOR) based on theoretical importance; blank cells indicate those variables that were systematically removed using the Akaike Information Criterion (AIC)