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Fig. 3

From: American tegumentary leishmaniasis diagnosis using L. (V.) braziliensis fixed promastigotes: a comparative performance of serological tests and spontaneous cure identification

Fig. 3

IgG antibodies anti-fixed Leishmania braziliensis from serum samples of ATL, NI + CUR groups at the 1/1024 dilution (a). Confirmation of the cut-off point by the ROC curve analyses, demonstrating the outstanding performance indexes (Sensitivity-Se; Specificity-Sp; Area under the curve-AUC (b,c); and Positive/Negative Likelihood Ratio-LR+/LR- for ATL (d). The results were expressed as percentage of positive fluorescent parasites (PPFP). The dotted line and grey bars represents the cut-off point between negative and positive results (cut-off = 20%)

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