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Table 1 List of parameters for MRSA transmission among high-risk and low-risk patients via HCWs

From: Effects of the proportion of high-risk patients and control strategies on the prevalence of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in an intensive care unit

Proportion of high-risk patientsθ0.5,[0,1][39]
Proportions of colonized patients in the high-risk and low-risk groups at admissionλCH,λCL0.2, 0.05[40]
Proportions of infected patients in the high-risk and low-risk groups at admissionλIH,λIL0.01, 0[41]
Discharge rates of uncolonized and colonized patients in theγH,γL high-risk and low-risk groups1/9,1/5[29, 42, 43]
Probabilities of developing an MRSA infection in high-risk and low-risk patientspH,pL0.2, 0.05[41, 44]
Treatment rates for high-risk and low-risk patientsνH,νL1/10,1/5[45]
Probabilities of MRSA-related death in high-risk and low-risk patientsdH,dL0.3, 0.15[14, 39, 46]
Total numbers of patientsNp48 
Ratio of patients to HCWsr4[39]
Decontamination rate in HCWsη24[13]
Per capita contact ratec1.38[30]
Probability of successful colonizationq0.01[13, 31]
Probability of successful contamination for colonized and infected patientsqC,qI0.17, 0.25[13, 32]
Transmission coefficient from contaminated HCWs to uncolonized patientsβcqNp 
Transmission coefficients from colonized and infected patients to uncontaminated HCWsαC,αIcqCNp,cqINp 
Control factor for targeted measures on high-risk patientsσ0.5,[0,1]varying
Control factor for targeted measures on infected patientsκ0.5,[0,1]varying