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Table 3 AST results with Alfred 60AST compared to direct Phoenix for Gram-negative bacteria during Period II

From: Rapid antimicrobial susceptibility testing on positive blood cultures through an innovative light scattering technology: performances and turnaround time evaluation

AntibioticCategorical agreement (%)Very major errors (%)Major errors (%)Minor errors (%)
Cefuroximea51/52 (98.1)0/71/45 (2.2)NA
Ceftazidime EB68/84 (81)0/89/74 (12.2)7/84 (8.3)
Piperacillin-tazobactam EBa58/61 (95.1)0/42/56 (3.6)1/61 (1.6)
Ceftazidime PA5/6 (83.3)0/31/3 (33.3)NA
Ciprofloxacin88/90 (97.7)0/160/732/90 (2.2)
Total270/293 (92.2)0/38 (0)13/251 (5.2)10/235 (4.3)
  1. EB Enterobacteriaceae, NA not applicable (no intermediate zone), PA Pseudomonas
  2. aModified antibiotic reagent