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Table 4 The coinfection pathogens in patients with 90-days readmission

From: Risk factors of 90-day rehospitalization following discharge of pediatric patients hospitalized with mycoplasma Pneumoniae pneumonia

PathogenNo.aReadmission casesP
Rhinovirus8012 (15.0%)0.249
Parainfluenza335 (15.2%)0.470
Influenza B295 (17.2%)0.297
Respiratory syncytial virus171 (5.9%)0.740
Adenovirus152 (13.3%)1.000
Coronavirus131 (7.7%)0.675
Human metapneumovirus131 (7.7%)1.000
Influenza A116 (54.5%)<0.001
S. pneumoniae101 (10.0%)0.894
Human Bocavirus60 (0.0%)0.816
  1. aThere are mixed infections with more than one pathogen, the total cases is not equal to 189. There are 155 cases of single pathogen coinfection, 30 cases of two pathogens, 4 cases of 3 pathogens