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Table 7 Multivariate predictors of in-hospital mortality

From: A changing profile of infective endocarditis at a tertiary hospital in China: a retrospective study from 2001 to 2018

FactorBOR95% CIP
Intravenous drug users1.4564.2901.09816.7580.036
Prosthetic valve endocarditis1.9987.3741.17746.1790.033
Hemorrhagic stroke1.7595.8041.83018.4130.003
Acute congestive heart failure2.36210.6073.84229.284< 0.001
Renal insufficiency2.2279.2682.92429.382< 0.001
Left-sided endocarditis1.7245.6061.46121.5120.012
Early surgery−2.3110.0990.0300.330< 0.001
Constant−13.894   < 0.001
  1. The goodness-of-fit of the multivariable model was determined by Hosmer–Lemeshow test (Chi-square = 1.562, P = 0.955)