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Table 3 Description of HFs targeted for ACF in Mbandaka

From: Assessment of a health facility based active case finding system for Ebola virus disease in Mbandaka, Democratic Republic of the Congo, June–July 2018

Variable Number of HFsMedian Number of Visits Per HF [IQR]
All HFsN/A1402 [1–5]
Type of HFPrivate1072 [0.5–3]
Public336 [5–7]
HF PriorityLow731 [0–3]
Medium423 [2–5]
High256 [5–7]
Health Zone within city of MbandakaWangata723 [1–4]
Mbandaka452 [1–5]
Bolenge233 [0–5]
River Accessibility OnlyNo1293 [1–5]
Yes110 for all