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Table 2 Description of cases alerted by ACF

From: Assessment of a health facility based active case finding system for Ebola virus disease in Mbandaka, Democratic Republic of the Congo, June–July 2018

VariableNumber (%) or Median [IQR]
N = 354
Age12.5 years [6–25]
 Sex: Male146 (42.3%)g
 Any Bleedinga12 (3.4%)
 Spontaneous Abortion3 (0.8%)
 Fever336 (94.9%)
 Headache194 (54.8%)
 Vomiting179 (50.6%)
 Loss of Appetite191 (54.0%)
 Diarrhea58 (16.4%)
 Intense Fatigue151 (42.7%)
 Abdominal Pain189 (53.4%)
 Muscle or Joint Pain98 (27.7%)
 Difficulty Swallowing4 (1.1%)
 Difficulty Breathing9 (2.5%)
 Rash3 (0.8%)
 Cough60 (16.9%)
 Weakness44 (12.4%)
 Nausea62 (17.5%)
≥3 Defining Symptoms from Suspected EVD Case Definitionb255 (72.0%)
Documented Symptoms Meet Suspected EVD Case Definitionc255 (72.0%)
Diagnoses Recorded
 Malaria319 (90.1%)
 Gastro-intestinal infectiond125 (35.3%)
 Respiratory infectione23 (6.5%)
 Gynecological problem or infectionf9 (2.5%)
 Unspecified9 (2.5%)
  1. aAny bleeding included: Blood in stool (5 individuals); abnormal vaginal bleeding (4); vomiting blood (1); nosebleed + coughing up blood (1); nosebleed + vomiting blood (1)
  2. bIncludes all symptoms from “headache” to “rash”, i.e.: headache, vomiting, lack of appetite, diarrhea, intense fatigue, abdominal pain, muscle or joint pain, difficulty swallowing, difficulty breathing, hiccups, and rash
  3. cIncludes any bleeding, any spontaneous abortion, or fever + ≥3 defining symptoms
  4. dIncludes those described as gastroenteritis, intestinal parasite infection, typhoid, dysentery, amebiasis, or salmonellosis
  5. eIncludes those described as respiratory infections, pneumonia, bronchitis, tuberculosis, or influenza-like illness
  6. fIncludes gynecological infection, threatened abortion, spontaneous abortion, and malaria infection during pregnancy
  7. gNine (2.5%) individuals missing data on sex were removed from the denominator