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Table 1 Definition of a suspected case of EVD used for HF-based ACF during the 2018 Equateur EVD outbreak

From: Assessment of a health facility based active case finding system for Ebola virus disease in Mbandaka, Democratic Republic of the Congo, June–July 2018

Definition of a suspected case of EVD
1. Any unexplained death
2. Any unexplained bleeding
3. Any spontaneous abortion
4. Fever > 38 °C and contact with a probable or confirmed case of EVD
5. Fever > 38 °C and contact with a sick or dead animal
6. Fever > 38 °C and ≥ 3 of the following symptoms:Vomiting
Intense fatigue
Anorexia/lack of appetite
Abdominal pain
Muscle or joint pain
Difficulty in swallowing
Difficulty in breathing
Skin rash
  1. A person meeting any of the numbers 1–6 would meet the suspected case definition