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Table 4 Factors associated with 30-day mortality by multivariate analysis

From: Surveillance study of the prevalence, species distribution, antifungal susceptibility, risk factors and mortality of invasive candidiasis in a tertiary teaching hospital in Southwest China

VariableOdds ratio95% confidence intervalP-value
Respiratory dysfunction9.803.24–29.63< 0.001
Pulmonary infection1.090.39–3.060.871
Cardiovascular disease2.370.81–6.920.114
Chronic/acute liver disease0.610.18–2.060.426
Chronic/acute renal failure1.860.63–5.450.262
Neurological diseases0.930.33–2.610.884
Total parenteral nutrition1.660.49–5.590.414
Mechanical ventilation0.710.19–2.680.617
Abdominal surgery0.220.04–1.080.062
In the ICU at diagnosis2.220.70–6.890.176
Concomitant bacterial infections0.880.30–2.600.821
Septic shock1.910.58–6.290.289
C. albicans3.351.13–9.920.029
  1. ICU intensive care unit