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Table 2 In vitro antifungal susceptibility testing of 243 clinical isolates into 5 antifungal agents

From: Surveillance study of the prevalence, species distribution, antifungal susceptibility, risk factors and mortality of invasive candidiasis in a tertiary teaching hospital in Southwest China

Species (No of isolates)Antifungal agentMIC (μg/mL)% Resistant
Candida albicans (110)Amphotericin B≤0.5 to 1≤0.5≤0.50b
Flucytosine0.5 to > 80.515.5b
Fluconazole≤0.125 to 320.250.520.0
Itraconazole≤0.062 to 4≤0.0620.528.2b
Voriconazole≤0.062 to > 8≤0.0620.12523.6
Candida glabrata (73)Amphotericin B≤0.5 to 1≤0.510b
Flucytosine≤0.062 to > 160.1250.52.7b
Fluconazole0.25 to> 12883211.0
Itraconazole≤0.25 to > 8246.8b
Voriconazole≤0.062 to >
Candida tropicalis (37)Amphotericin B≤0.5 to 1≤0.510b
Flucytosine≤0.062 to 40.1250.1255.4b
Fluconazole0.25 to 641229.7
Itraconazole≤0.062 to 640.1250.2540.5b
Voriconazole≤0.062 to > 8≤0.0620.12527.0
Candida krusei (12)Amphotericin B≤0.5 to 2≤0.510b
Flucytosine2 to 8480
Itraconazole≤0.062 to 40.1250.533.4b
Voriconazole≤0.062 to > 80.1250.2525.0
Candida parapsilosis (5)Amphotericin B≤0.5 to 10.510
Flucytosine≤0.062 to 0.50.1250.250
Fluconazole0.25 to 160.5220.0
Itraconazole≤0.062 to 1≤0.0620.12520.0b
Voriconazole≤0.062 to 4≤0.0620.12520.0
Othersc (6)Amphotericin B≤0.5 to 1≤0.510b
Flucytosine≤0.062 to 10.2510b
Fluconazole0.5 to 641416.7b
Itraconazole≤0.062 to 0.125≤0.0620.1250b
Voriconazole≤0.062 to 0.5≤0.0620.1250b
All of isolates (243)Amphotericin B0
  1. MIC minimal inhibitory concentration
  2. aResistance rate was based on the intrinsic resistance of C. krusei and did not follow the actual MICs
  3. bThe breakpoints of Candida spp. according to the manufacturer’s instructions of ATB FUNGUS 3 system
  4. cOthers include C. guilliermondii (3), C. haemulonii (2) and C. pseudotropicalis (1)