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Table 4 Example Mapping

From: Interpreting HIV diagnostic histories into infection time estimates: analytical framework and online tool

Test code Database test name Median diagnostic delay Ref.
AptimaQualNAT Aptima HIV-1 RNA Qualitative Assay 4.2 [13]
GeeniusIndeterminate BioRad Geenius Indeterminate 24.8 [14]
GeeniusFull BioRad Geenius Fully Reactive 28.8 [14]
UnigoldRT Trinity Biotech Unigold Rapid HIV Test 25.1 [12]
OraQuickRT-Blood OraSure OraQuick ADVANCE whole blood 27.7 [12]
CoulterP24 Coulter p24 HIV-1 Antigen Assay 11.5 [2]
GenscreenV2 BioRad Genscreen HIV-1/2 Version 2 Assay 19.1 [15]
AmplicorPooledx10 Pooled Roche Amplicor Monitor v1.5 (ultrasensitive) (Pool of 10) 7.7 [16]
ARCHITECT Abbott ARCHITECT HIV Ag/Ab Combo 10.8 [12]
BioRadWesternBlotIndeterminate BioRad GS HIV-1 Western blot Indeterminate 14.8 [10]
BioRadWesternBlotFull BioRad GS HIV-1 Western blot Fully Reactive 29.6 [12]