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Table 1 Examples of atypical Lemierre’s syndrome

From: Atypical presentation of Lemierre’s syndrome: case report and literature review

Age, gender Location of the infection Organism Atypical presentation Reference, year
A) Complicated bacteremia due to Fusobacterium (necrobacilloses)
 42 yr, female Vertebral osteomyelitis F. nucleatum Complicated bacteremia without thrombosis or metastatic abscess Ramos et al., 2013 [2]
B) Conditions mimicking a Lemierre syndrome
 4 yr, male child Multiple peri-tonsillar abscesses with brain, orbits and lung emboli Staphylococcus aureus Organism mimicking Lemierre’s syndrome Aouad et al., 2010 [3]
 59 yr, male Right internal jugular vein thrombosis and abscesses Streptococcus anginosus Organism mimicking Lemierre’s syndrome Osman et al., 2017 [4]
C) Atypical Lemierre’s syndrome
 26 yr, male Lower limb trauma complicated by extensive inferior vena cava and femoral vein thrombosis, lung abscesses F. necrophorum Lower limb origin, site of thrombosis (inferior vena cava) Razonable et al., 2003 [5]
 47 yr, female Left ovarian vein thrombosis (with intrauterine device) F. necrophorum No obvious origin of infection, site of thrombosis (ovarian vein) Huynh-Moynot et al., 2011 [6]
 32 yr, male Prostatic abscess (on urinary catheter) with iliac vein thrombosis, pulmonary abscess and pleural fistula F. necrophorum Prostatic origin, site of thrombosis (iliac vein) Bonny et al., 2019
 26 yr, male Inferior vena cava and common femoral vein thrombosis and multiple abscesses in the lungs F. necrophorum Site of thrombosis (femoral vein thrombosis)
After a trauma-associated abscess of the limb
Razonable et al., 2003 [5]
 58 yr, male Thromboses of the two iliac veins, abscesses in muscles, pleural effusion complicating a pneumonia and L4-L5 spondylodiscitis F. nucleatum Site of thrombosis (iliac veins), site of abscesses (iliac and psoas muscle), spondylodiscitis and organism This report