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Table 1 The comparison of reported human cases of Acrophialophora infection

From: The first case of Acrophialophora levis-induced severe pneumonia: a case report and literature review

Case Time Countries Gender/Age Basic diseases Diseases Fungal type Pathogen identification Pathogen sites Antifungal drug sensitivity Outcome References
1 1997 Spain Male/67 Pulmonary fibrosis bullous emphysema; lung transplantation Lung infection A.fusispora Morphological identification Lower respiratory tract secretions AMB Liposome, ITR Dead Sutton et al.
2 1998 Sudan Female/12 Acute lymphocyte leukemia Brain abscess A.fusispora Morphological identification Cerebrospinal fluid aspirate AMB Liposome, ITR Survive Al-Mohsen et al. [4]
3 2002 Portugal Male/33 lung transplantation Lung infection A.fusispora Morphological identification Sputum, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid VRC Improved Guarro et al. [4]
4 2005 India Female/55 None Fungal keratitis A.fusispora Morphological identification Corneal scrape FLU Therapeutic keratoplasty rehabilitation after ineffectiveness Guarro et al. [3]
5 2010 Taiwan Male/60 Acquired immunodeficiency syndrom Brain abscess A.fusispora Molecular diagnosis Cerebrospinal fluid aspirate VRC Dead Chia-Wen Li et al. [5]
6 2018 Japan Male/77 Neutropenia and Prostatic Cancer Corneal ulcer and uveitis infection A.spp Molecular diagnosis Corneal scrape AMB Liposome、ITR is not effective, then VRC was used Cured Watanabe Y et al. [4]
7 The current Report China Male/71 None Severe pneumonia A.levis Molecular diagnosis Lower respiratory tract secretions AMB Liposome、Caspofungin Dead