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Table 1 ICERs for all screening strategies

From: Elimination of hepatitis C virus in Germany: modelling the cost-effectiveness of HCV screening strategies

ICER (A) vs (B)(B)
No screeningBasic ScreeningAdvanced ScreeningMixed Screening
(A)Total population
 Basic Screening5592 EUR   
 Advanced Screening6525 EUR7116 EUR  
 Mixed Screening5590 EUR5589 EUR689 EUR 
 Total Screening7490 EUR8257 EUR10,258 EUR21,801 EUR
General population
 Basic Screening5322 EUR   
 Advanced Screening9635 EUR13,481 EUR  
 Total Screening13,317 EUR18,379 EUR30,370 EUR 
 Basic Screening7548 EUR   
 Advanced Screening3406 EUR1838 EUR  
 Total Screening2240 EUR1077 EUR30 EUR 
 Basic Screening− 8445 EURa   
 Advanced Screening−10,614 EURa−14,962 EURa  
 Total Screening− 9796 EURa−12,898 EURadominatedb 
  1. a (A) dominates (B): less lost QALYs and lower costs in (A) compared to (B)
  2. b (A) dominated by (B): more lost QALYs and higher costs in total screening compared to advanced screening (ICER: -29,175 EUR)