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Table 2 Location of lesions and response rate

From: Salvage therapy with Sodium chlorosum (formerly DAC N-055) for cases of refractory lupoid cutaneous leishmaniasis: results from a compassionate use study with 0.09% Sodium chlorosum in amphiphilic basic cream

CodeLocationTreatment duration (weeks)Treatment response: reduction of erythema and induration after 12 weeks (Phase I)Recurrence in 3 months (Phase II)Recurrence in 12 months (Phase III)
1Head and neck8incompleteNANA
2Head and neck9incompleteNANA
3Head and neck7completeNoYesa
4Upper limb9incompleteNANA
5Head and neck7completeNoYes
6Head and neck10completeNoNo
7Head and neck7completeYesNA
8Head and neck6incompleteNANA
9Head and neck6incompleteNANA
10Head and neck8incompleteNANA
11Head and neck11completeNoNo
12Head and neck12completeNoDropout
13Head and neck7incompleteNANA
14Upper limb11completeNoNo
15Head and neck7completeYesNA
16Head and neck9completeNoNo
17Head and neck6incompleteNANA
18Upper limb6incompleteNANA
19Head and neck6incompleteNANA
20Upper limb7incompleteNANA
  1. NA Phase Inot analyzed
  2. aa tiny erythematous plaque had remained