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Table 3 Estimates of vaccine effectiveness for one and two doses of the MMR vaccine by birth cohort of all confirmed cases of mumps. Catalonia 2007–2011

From: Mumps: MMR vaccination and genetic diversity of mumps virus, 2007–2011 in Catalonia, Spain

 Number of casesVaccine effectiveness (95%CI)
Birth cohortNo vaccineOne doseTwo dosesOne doseTwo doses
1982–199132357387.1 (79.2–92,1)89.3 (83.7–92.9)
1992–2001a105213286.8 (74.1–93.3)87.6 (75,4- 93,7)
2002–2010b12513686.2 (74.2–92.7)88.5 (76.1–94,4)
  1. n = 581 (433 cases targeted for vaccination; 116 cases non-targeted for vaccination, 15 unknown number and 17 cases missing information)
  2. a To calculate the effectiveness of the second dose, birth cohorts from 1994 to 1996 were excluded as the MMR vaccine administered contained the Rubini strain
  3. b Estimates of VE for two doses were birth cohorts from 2002 to 2008