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Fig. 1

From: Direct-from-blood RNA sequencing identifies the cause of post-bronchoscopy fever

Fig. 1

High-throughput sequencing based microbial detection in replicate samples from blood. a Quality controlled reads from two replicates were profiled by four different taxonomic classifiers: BWA-mem against RefSeq; GOTTCHA against a bacterial database (GOTTCHA.b); GOTTCHA against a viral database (GOTTCHA.v); Kraken-mini; and MetaPhlAn. Normalized read counts mapping to the top 20 organisms by one or more tools are presented at the species level (heatmap). b The SIQ score was calculated for each replicate using reads that mapped to RefSeq using BWA-mem. Coordinates on SIQ plots are relative abundance of all species (x-axis), by significance (1 – p value, y-axis), and the size of the dot represents the SIQ score. The dashed red line indicates a p value of 0.05. Microbes detected at significant levels with a normalized abundance level > 4 are labeled: S, Stenotrophomonas maltophilia; P, Propionibacterium acnes; E, Escherichia coli. Plots were generated using R statistical programming

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