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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of 16 patients with cerebral sparganosis

From: Cerebral sparganosis presenting with atypical postcontrast magnetic resonance imaging findings: a case report and literature review

Age (yrs) /Sex/Ref Country Mode of infection ClinicalManifestation Enhanced MRI(appearance) ELISA Treatment Outcome/Follow-up time
29/F/ [16] India Uncertain Seizure/7 mo Nodular NP Craniotomy Improved/9 mo
29/M/ [17] Spain Water Seizure/4 y Ring-like NP Craniotomy Improved /1 y
71/M/ [18] Japan Uncertain Dysarthria Bead-like BLD + Craniotomy Improved /2 y
18/F/ [19] China Food Headache and seizure/1 mo Bead-like BLD + CSF + Abendazole Improved /1 y
38/M/ [20] Japan Uncertain Headache, fever and cerebellar ataxia/2 y Ring-like BLD + CSF + NR NR
39/M/ [21] Switzerland Uncertain Seizure Ring-like BLD + CSF + Praziquantel Improved/11 mo
15/F/ [22] China Food Numbness/1 y seizure/6 mo Ring-like BLD + Craniotomy Improved /2 y
24/M/ [23] Korea Uncertain Headache/1 mo Bead-like NP Craniotomy NR
62/M/ [24] Japan Food Seizure and hemiparesis/10y Ring-like BLD - CSF - Craniotomy Improved /5y
64/M/ [25] Japan Food Seizure and weakness Ring-like BLD + CSF + Craniotomy NR
48/M/ [26] Korea Food Weakness and hemianopia Nodular BLD + CSF + Craniotomy Improved
80/M/ [27] Japan Water Numbness and weakness Nodular NP Craniotomy Improved
21/M/ [28] America Uncertain Confusion/18 mo and seizure once Ring-like NP Craniotomy Improved
25/M/ [29] Germany Uncertain Headache and seizure Ring-like NP Craniotomy Improved
6/M/ [30] China Water Seizure/2 y Bead-like NP Craniotomy Improved/6mo
33/F/PR China Uncertain Headache/10 d Irregular BLD + CSF + Praziquantel Improved/6mo
  1. F Female, M Male, Yrs Years, NP Not performed, NR Not reported, PR Present case, ELISA Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, + Positive, − Negative, BLD Blood, CSF Cerebrospinal fluid