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Table 2 Forecasting models for infectious diseases syndromes in this study

From: Evaluation of the trends in the incidence of infectious diseases using the syndromic surveillance system, early warning and response unit, Mongolia, from 2009 to 2017: a retrospective descriptive multi-year analytical study

Infectious diseases syndromes Forecasting models
AFR ARIMA(1,0,1)
AFVR ARIMA(0,1,1,)(0,1,1)12
AJ ARIMA(0,1,1)(0,1,1)12
AWD ARIMA(1,1,1)(1,1,1)12
ABD ARIMA(1,1,1)(1,1,1)12
FD Additive seasonal exponential smoothing method
NI Additive seasonal exponential smoothing method
  1. AFR acute fever with rash, AFVR acute fever with vesicular rash, AJ acute jaundice, AWD acute watery diarrhea, ABD acute bloody diarrhea, FD foodborne disease, NI nosocomial infection, ARIMA Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average