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Table 2 Comparison of SOC ACs and Intervention ACs

From: A cluster randomized controlled trial of extending ART refill intervals to six-monthly for anti-retroviral adherence clubs

 Standard of Care ACsIntervention six-month ACs
Frequency of AC visits2-monthly (5 per year)6-monthly (2 per year)
ART dispensing interval2-monthly (5 per year)6-monthly (2 per year)
Frequency of clinical assessments12-monthly12-monthly
Frequency of routine bloods12-monthly12-monthly
Timing of routine bloodsAs part of AC visitAs an additional individual visit, 2–4 weeks before clinical assessment AC visit
Units of careGroups of 25–30Groups of 25–30
Peer-based supportStrong emphasisStrong emphasis
Patient self-managementStrong emphasisStrong emphasis
Management of clinical complicationsUp-referral to clinician-led ART care based at the clinicUp-referral to clinician-led ART care based at the clinic
ART packing and dispensingPre-packed by central dispensing unit, supplied to clinic pharmacy and dispensed at AC visitPre-packed at clinic pharmacy with support from study team staff and dispensed at AC visit
Treatment “buddies”*Allowed to collect at every alternate AC visitNot permitted
Standard number of contacts per year5 (all within the AC)3 (2 within the AC and 1 individual for routine bloods)
Minimum number of contacts per year3 (could send a “treatment buddy” to collect ART twice)3 (within the AC and 1 for routine bloods)