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Table 1 Clinical features of the patients with Candida parapsilosis arthritis in the literatures

From: Recurrent arthritis caused by Candida parapsilosis: a case report and literature review

Patient No. (reference/year of publication) Age (years) /sex Localization of infection Underlying conditions Clinical manifestations Therapy Outcome
1 (7)/1979 64/M Knee Immunosuppression, intraarticular joint injections, total knee arthroplasty Pain and swelling Resection Arthroplasty, AMB + 5-FC for 3 months Cured. No recurrence after 1 year of follow-up
2 (8)/1983 59/M Shoulder Drug abuse, hemiarthroplasty Pain and swelling Resection Arthroplasty, AMB followed by KZ Cured.
3 (9)/1984 57/M knee End stage renal disease Swelling High dose of AMB for over 2 months Remission
(defer further treatment)
4 (10)/1986 70/F Shoulder hemiarthroplasty Pain and swelling Resection Arthroplasty, AMB Cured.
5 (10)/1986 35/M Knee Total knee arthroplasty Swelling Resection Arthroplasty, 5-FC (duration NR) NR.
6 (11)/1993 37/M Knee HIV infection, Hemophilia, total knee replacement, septic arthritis Erythema and pain Resection arthroplasty; FZ for 6 months Cured.
7 (12)/1998 64/M knee Diabetes, total knee arthroplasty swelling Irrigation, debridement and drainage; total synovectomy; AMB for 4 months followed by FZ for 3 months Cured. No recurrence after 2 years of follow-up
8 (13)/2001 68/F Knee total knee arthroplasty Pain Resection arthroplasty,
FZ for 10 weeks, Reimplantation at 3 months
9 (14)/2002 38/F Knee Diabetes, renal transplantation Fever, swelling and tenderness Arthroscopic irrigation, FZ + 5-FC for over 1 year Cured. No recurrence after over 1 year of follow-up
10 (15)/2006 50/M shoulder Drug abuse, HIV infection Pain with fistula Debridement; caspofungin for 6 weeks Cured.
11 (16)/2008 65/F Knee and shoulder Diabetes, secondary renal failure, renal transplantation Pain, swelling and redness FZ for 2 months Cured. No recurrence after 6 months of follow-up
12 (17)/2010 66/M Hip Chronic kidney failure, previous Serratia marcescens prosthesis infection Post-operative fistula 2-stage reimplantation; FZ for 6 months Cured.
13 (17)/2010 77/F Hip Previous coagulase-negative Staphylococcus prosthesis infection Fever and erythema 5 months after treatment for bacterial prosthesis infection Resection arthroplasty; AMB + 5-FC for 2 weeks followed by FZ for 9 months Cured.
14 (18)/2010 48/F Knee arthroscopic arthroplasty Pain and swelling AMB for 3 weeks followed by FZ for 6 months Cured.
15 (19)/2012 60/F Wrist rheumatoid arthritis Swelling Surgical debridement and wrist arthrodesis; FZ for life Cured.
16 (CR) 56/M Knee Diabetes, intraarticular joint injections Pain and swelling Surgical debridement; FZ for 1 year Cured. No recurrence after 1 year of follow-up
  1. AMB, amphotericin B; FZ, fluconazole; 5-FC, flucytosine; KZ, ketoconazole; NR, not reported; CR, current report