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Table 3 Reported cases of secondary syphilis with pulmonary involvement which was diagnosed by PCR techniques

From: A lung abscess caused by secondary syphilis – the utility of polymerase chain reaction techniques in transbronchial biopsy: a case report

Case no. Age Gender Respiratory symptoms Extrapulmonary symptoms Chest imaging Sample collection method Reporting year Reference
1 34 Male Chest pain Progressive weakening, anorexia, weight loss, and night sweats Several bilateral, round, excavated opacities and subtracheal adenopathy BAL 2006 [13]
2 49 Female Dry cough Disabling cervical pain, fever, and night sweats Lung lobe parenchymal lesion BAL and bronchial aspirate 2015 [14]
3 30 Male Hemoptysis, chest pain, dyspnea Fever and rash a 3 cm, irregularly-shaped, well-defined consolidation and a 1 cm hilar node CTNA 2018 [15]
4 62 Male No respiratory symptoms epigastric pain Multiple nodular bibasilar subpleural nodules TBB 2018 [16]
  1. Abbreviation: PCR Polymerase chain reaction, BAL Bronchoalveolar lavage, CTNA Computed tomography-guided percutaneous needle aspiration, TBB Transbronchial biopsy