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Fig. 2

From: A case report of HIV-1 superinfection in an HIV controller leading to loss of viremia control: a retrospective of 10 years of follow-up

Fig. 2

Longitudinal analysis of proviral and plasma HIV-1 env sequences obtained from VC06 during 2009–2017. Sequence names are colored according to their respective visit. Clusters containing B1 and B2 sequences are shaded in blue and red, respectively. For each visit, the total number of sequences and proportion of B1 and B2 variants are indicated on the stacked bar graph and colored according to the legend. The tree was constructed using the Tamura Nei model and 1000 bootstrap replicates in MEGA 6 software. Bootstrap values lower than 75% are not shown. Reference sequences for HIV-1 subtypes D, F1, and B were used as an outgroup and are shown in black

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