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Table 1 Characteristics and quality assessment score of 10 included literatures

From: Prevalence of Zika virus in blood donations: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Study Author
study year
Sample source Study period
Area Event Number Detection method Viral loads Quality score
p1 Bierlaire2014 blood collections tested prospectively and retrospectively 3 monthsa French Polynesia 42 1505 lab developed NAT assay 2.5e3–8.1e6 copies/ ml 8
p2 Chevalier2016 blood donation screening in 2 largest blood centers 4 monthsa Puerto Rico 190 21,468 Cobas Zika ID-NAT NM 7
p3 Gake2015 blood donors from six sites representing eco-environments 2 months Cameroon 53 1084 Euroimmun anti-Zika NS1 IgG ELISA NM 4
p4 Williamson2016 blood donor screening at laboratories 2 months several states of United State 5 466,834 Procleix ZIKV assay, RT-PCR, CDC IgM/IgG-ELISA 102 IU 7
p5 Borena2016 blood donors at randomly selected donation sites 3 months Austria 4 1001 Euroimmun anti-Zika NS1 IgM/IgG ELISA NM 6
p5.1      0 1001 RealStar zika virus RT-PCR kit 1.0   
p6 Gallian2016 consecutive blood donations 5 monthsa Martinique 76 4129 RealStar Zika virus RT-PCR Kit_1.1 2.1–6.5log10 copies/ml 6
p7 Slavov2016 volunteer blood donors 7 monthsa Brazil 37 1393 In-house method RNA test mean 7714 copies/ml 8
p8 Kuehnert2016 screened blood donations 2 monthsa Puerto Rico 68 12,777 Cobas Zika NAT assay NM 4
p9 Adams2016 screened blood donations 3 monthsa Puerto Rico 143 18,163 Cobas Zika NAT assay NM 4
p10 Aubry2013 volunteer blood donors 27 months French Polynesia 5 593 self-developed indirect IgG ELISA NM 5
  1. Note: aepidemic: the study period is during Zika epidemic period
  2. NM not mentioned