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Table 1 Candidate genes tested and their relevance in DENV control

From: Using genetic variation in Aedes aegypti to identify candidate anti-dengue virus genes

Accession number Gene name Transcriptomic study Function Tissue Direction Differentially expressed Interfamily variation
AAEL001022 smp-30/regucalcin [12, 21] Ca2+ binding domain Whole Down Yes -
AAEL001156 CG5280 [12, 13] - Whole Up No Yes
AAEL001392 defA-assoc [11,12,13, 20] Immunity Whole, Carcass Down/Up Yes -
AAEL002413 sphingomyelin [12] Cellular membrane Whole Down Yes -
AAEL002585 CLIPA11 [12, 42] Serine protease Whole, MG Down No Yes
AAEL003619 - [12, 21] Na/Cl transporter Whole Down Yes -
AAEL003787 Nopo [12] Zinc finger Whole Up Yes -
AAEL004361 alpha-glucosidase [12] Glycolysis Whole Down Yes -
AAEL004861 degringolade [12, 13] Peroxisomal integral protein Whole, Carcass Up No Yes
AAEL005064 CLIPB5 [12, 21] Serine protease Whole Down No Yes
AAEL005527 Nbr/mut-7 [12, 13, 21] miRNA maturation Whole, SG Down No Yes
AAEL006995 CG9657 [12, 21] - Whole Down No No
AAEL007495 phosphoglycerate mutase [12, 13, 21] Glycolysis Whole, Carcass, MG Down No No
AAEL007845 Rab5 - Receptor - - Yes -
AAEL008013 Obp83b [12, 21] Odorant Whole Down No Yes
AAEL008108 GB76c [12, 13, 21] Transmembrane signalling Whole, Carcass, SG Down Yes -
AAEL009317 Rab11 [12] GTPase, cellular trafficking Whole Up No No
AAEL009602 Gdap1 [11, 12, 21] Mitochondrial membrane Whole, Midgut Down No No
AAEL009770 SUMOE2 [12] Sumoylation Whole Up Yes -
AAEL011375 trypsin [12, 13, 21] Serine protease Whole, Carcass Down Yes -
AAEL011566 - [11, 12, 21] Adhesion Whole, Carcass, MG Down Yes -
AAEL011817 rent1 [12] mRNA decay Whole Down No Yes
AAEL012089 xport-A [11, 12, 21] Phototransduction Whole, Carcass Down No No
AAEL013712 Trypsin 5G1 precursor [11, 12, 21] Serine protease Whole, Carcass Up No No
AAEL014108 aquaporin [12, 13, 21] H2O Transporter Whole, Carcass Down Yes -
  1. Accession numbers, gene names, function and patterns of expression across families with high and low DENV loads for the tested genes. All had been previously reported in transcriptomic studies associated with differences in expression in at least two conditions (tissues/timepoints). Tissues of previous reported expression differences are shown. In “Tissue”, MG and SG correspond to midgut and salivary glands, respectively. Whether the genes were up or downregulated in those studies can be seen in “Direction”, and our reported expression patterns are shown in the column “Differentially expressed” as well as “Interfamily Variation”