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Fig. 1

From: Genomic characterization of MDR/XDR-TB in Kazakhstan by a combination of high-throughput methods predominantly shows the ongoing transmission of L2/Beijing 94–32 central Asian/Russian clusters

Fig. 1

Algorithm of current updated taxonomy of Mycobacterium tuberculosis L2/Beijing isolates by TB-SNPID adapted from Shitikov et al. 2017 (11 sublineages based on WGS). The 4 genes used in TB-SNPID are mentioned on top left with SNP variation description: fbpB, pckA, acs, mutT2 and on RD131 (Niemann et al. 2009, Bergval et al. 2012); TB-SNP-ID naming and classification (top right corner) refers to the geographically named groups based on Niemann et al. 2009 (K1) and on Schürch et al. 2011 (CHIN-, CHIN+, SA-, SA+, V-, V+). The matrix depicts the correspondance between Shitikov’s and previously published taxonomy. Orange boxes are all fbp+. On the tree, all current validated SNP markers are reported with previous other author’s nomenclatures. The ancient versus modern L2/Beijing nomenclature refers to previous works from I. Mokrousov et al. 2005 based on the presence/absence of IS6110 copies in the NTF

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