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Table 1 Antibiotic sensitivity of clinical strains of E. coli (*) used in this study. The antimicrobial inhibition zones were measured and recorded according to CLSI standards. R- resistant; S- sensitive

From: Use of ceragenins as a potential treatment for urinary tract infections

Antibiotics E. coli * E. coli * E. coli * E. coli *
Ciprofloksacin S S S S
Sulfamethoxazolum/Trimethoprimum R R S S
Norfloxacin S S S S
Gentamicin S S S S
Fosfomycin S S S S
Meropenem S S S S
Amoxicillin/clavulanic acid S R S S
Cefepime S S S S
Cefotaxime S S S S
Ampicillin R R R R