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Table 4 Multivariate analysis on the incidence of fungal infection

From: Effect of laminar air flow and building construction on aspergillosis in acute leukemia patients: a retrospective cohort study

variables Adjusted HR with model 1a p value Adjusted HR with model 2b p value
Neutropenia 0.74 0.647   
treatment periodc
 before construction (phase A) 1.32 0.698 1.21 0.790
 during construction (phase B) 2.75 0.163 2.82 0.140
 the late period after moving (phase D) 4.63 0.010 4.64 0.008
antifungal prophylaxisd 1.40 0.702 1.41 0.430
ALL vs AML 0.59 0.423 0.62 0.470
age 1.19 0.717 1.23 0.660
  1. AML denotes acute myelogenous leukemia; ALL acute lymphoblastic leukemia, HR hazard ratio
  2. aModel 1 is a Cox proportional hazards ratio with time-dependent covariates
  3. bModel 2 is a Fine and Gray proportional hazard regression model
  4. cHR is calculated by comparison of the incidence in each period with in the early period after moving
  5. dHR is the ratio of the incidence in patients who received fluconazole with mold-active agent prophylaxis with the incidence in patients who received fluconazole-only prophylaxis