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Fig. 1.

From: Association of HIV-infection, antiretroviral treatment and metabolic syndrome with large artery stiffness: a cross-sectional study

Fig. 1.

Blood pressure- and sex-adjusted aortic pulse wave velocity (a) and aortic augmentation index (b) in the controls, HIV-1-naive and HIV-1-cART patients with and without metabolic syndrome. Aortic pulse wave velocity was 25% (P = 0.018) and 21% (P = 0.023) higher in the HIV-1 cART patients compared with both controls and untreated HIV-1 patients, respectively. There was no significant main effect of metabolic syndrome on augmentation index between the three groups. Values are mean ± SD.*P = 0.009 versus HIV-1 cART patients without metabolic syndrome

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