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Table 2 Viruses isolated, associated mosquitoes and vertebrates, and pathogen potential, Barkedji, 2012-2013

From: Arboviruses isolated from the Barkedji mosquito-based surveillance system, 2012-2013

Virus Year of isolation Family Mosquitoes found infected in this study Vertebrates associated Pathogen potential
Acado 2013 Reoviridae Culex antennatus, Cx. neavei, Mansonia uniformis Humans, domestic ungulates, unknown
Bagaza 2012 Flaviviridae Culex antennatus, Cx. neavei Humans, wild birds, red-legged partridges and ring-necked pheasants, common wood pigeons Unknown
2013 Cx. neavei   
Barkedji 2012 Flaviviridae Cx. neavei, Ae. sudanensis Unknown Unknown
2013 Cx. neavei   
Ndumu 2012 Togaviridae Aedes dalzieli, Ae. vexans, Anopheles rufipes, An. ziemanni, Cx. poicilipes, Ma. uniformis Domestic pigs, Humans Unknown
Rift valley fever 2013 Bunyaviridae Ae. ochraceus   Yes
Sanar 2013 Reoviridae Cx. neavei, Ma. uniformis Unknown Unknown
Sindbis 2012 Togaviridae Cx. antennatus, Cx. neavei Humans, Birds, Orangutans, Sheeps, frogs, reed warblers, Bats Yes
2013 Cx. neavei   
Usutu 2012 Flaviviridae Culex antennatus, Cx. neavei Human, African furred rat, blackbirds, Bats Yes
2013 Cx. neavei   
West Nile 2012 Flaviviridae Ae. dalzieli, An. rufipes, Cx. antennaus, Cx. neavei, Cx. perfuscus, Cx. poicilipes, Cx. quinquefasciatus Horses, Birds, Human Yes
2013 Cx. neavei, Cx. tritaeniorhynchus   
Yaounde 2012 Flaviviridae Cx. tritaeniorhynchus Bird (Bycanistes sharpii), Rodents (Praomys sp., Cavia porcellus) Unknown