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Table 2 Factors associated with prescribing anti-tuberculosis treatment in logistic regression analysis

From: Outcome of untreated lung nodules with histological but no microbiological evidence of tuberculosis

  Adjusted Odds Ratioa 95% CI p Value
Surgical resection 0.25 0.09–0.69 0.007
Caseous necrosis on biopsy histology 9.60 3.38–27.23 < 0.001
  1. CI Confidence interval
  2. aAdjusted variables included age, sex, history of TB, symptomatic, granulomatous inflammation on biopsy histology, concomitant malignancy on biopsy histology, mycobacterial culture for respiratory specimens or biopsy specimens, comorbidity (diabetes mellitus, end-stage renal disease, malignancy, hepatitis B virus infection, human immunodeficiency virus infection, organ transplant recipient, alcoholism, and autoimmune disease), findings on chest computed tomography (multiple nodules, lesion size > 3 cm, cavitary lesions, ground-glass opacity, fibrocalcified lesions, mediastinal lymphadenopathy), leukocyte count, and hypoalbuminemia