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Table 1 Reference sequences used in plotting the phylogeny tree of this study

From: Prevalence and genotypes of group A rotavirus among outpatient children under five years old with diarrhea in Beijing, China, 2011–2016

Strains Accession numbers genotypes Starains Accession numbers genotypes
MI1128 LC228408 G9 CNMC3 KT920808 P [8]
BJ-Q322 KF673479 G9 CK00095 JX027933 P [8]
VU12-13-101 KT919508 G9 UR14-26 LC105523 P [8]
MRC-DPRU1102 KJ753473 G9 X1302 KJ794102 P [8]
Km15064 KX033644 G9 H1301 KJ794103 P [8]
Hon-JK17–6-14 KU312101 G9 Z1557 KF372006 P [8]
BJ-Q532 KF673480 G9 WZ7 KU243615 P [8]
99-SP1542VP7 AB091753 G9 AC314 KT025876 P [8]
99-TK2082VP7 AB091755 G9 To14–18 LC105271 P [8]
JP13-3 AB176679 G9 SI-R13 KJ432798 P [8]
LL51695 KC242226 G9 D EF672570 P [8]
WZ660 KU243678 G9 ISO42 DQ355958 P [8]
km15118 KX778607 G9 Nov10-N709 HQ537506 P [8]
MRC-DPRU5123 KP752521 G9 LY238-9 KU174038 P [4]
F45 AB180970 G9 N14-29 LC342710 P [4]
AU32 AB045372 G9 RMRC-11-03-0614 MF373697 P [4]
N12–55 LC380583 G1 O1157 JX156413 P [4]
N10–17 LC348885 G1 07–96 s-98 KY489875 P [4]
CK20027 KC443768 G2 WZ193 KU243633 P [4]
km15028 KX033592 G2    
VU12–13-27 MF167970 G2    
E3239 KF371889 G3    
E2432 KF371856 G3    
1RIZE2016 MF494811 G3