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Table 1 Number of screened HCWs, CCU, ICU patients and positive PVL-MRSA cases

From: Healthcare-associated transmission of Panton-Valentine leucocidin positive methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus: the value of screening asymptomatic healthcare workers

  CCU Patients ICU Patients HCWs Site of screen/ colonisation
Patient or HCWs screened 3 13 134 Nose, axilla, groin, wound site (if applicable)
PVL-positive MRSA spa type t019 cases 3 1 2 Nose, axilla, groin, wound site
PVL-positive MRSA spa type t002 cases 0 0 2 Nose, axilla, groin
MRSA (PVL negative) spa type t843 cases 0 0 1 Nose, axilla, groin