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Table 1 Details of data extracted

From: Incubation period of typhoidal salmonellosis: a systematic review and meta-analysis of outbreaks and experimental studies occurring over the last century

Section Information to be collected
General information - Year of publication
- Title of article
- Authors
- Type of publication (journals, conference abstract, grey literature, etc.)
- PubMed ID (where applicable)
Study characteristics - Year of study
- Study design (cohort, case-control, experimental, case series)
- Country of study
- Age distribution
- Comments on method or quality of study
Pathogen characteristics - Infectious agent
- Species
- Subtype
Outcome data/ results - Case definition
- Reported incubation period (individual data, mean, median mode and range)
- Derived or calculated summary estimates incubation period (raw data extracted)
- Source of calculated data (epidemic curve or author description)
Other outcome data - Incubation period to particular symptoms
Factors that could affect incubation period - No of exposed cases
- No of people affected
- Setting
- Mode of transmission
- Food vehicle (for foodborne infections only)
- Patient characteristics (e.g. age, previous infection or treatment, underlying illness)
Any other relevant information - Any other relevant information