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Table 3 Outcome of diagnostic testing for HCV infection using core antigen detection (HCV-Ag) compared to gold standard PCR for HCV RNA

From: Hepatitis virus (HCV) diagnosis and access to treatment in a UK cohort

Outcome Result (n)*
 True positive 121
 False negative 7
 False positive 0
 True negative 67
Test characteristic Result (%)
 Sensitivity 94.5
 Specificity 100
 Positive predictive value 100
 Negative predictive value 90.5
  1. *Results pertain to all HCV-antibody individuals in ‘Group 2’, based on samples that were tested with assays for both HCV-Ag and HCV RNA, defined as follows: true positives (HCV-Ag + and HCV RNA+); false negatives (HCV Ag- and HCV RNA+); false positives (HCV Ag + and HCV RNA-); true negatives (HCV Ag- and HCV RNA-). These groups are also shown in Fig. 4a. Threshold for positive HCV-Ag was 3 fmol/L