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Table 1 Eligible criteria for Tailored Treatment study

From: Observational multi-centre, prospective study to characterize novel pathogen-and host-related factors in hospitalized patients with lower respiratory tract infections and/or sepsis - the “TAILORED-Treatment” study

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
 Age ≥ 1 month Proven or suspected HIV, HBV, or HCV infection
 Symptoms ≤8 days Post-transplant
LRTI; ≥ 2 signs Congenital immune deficiency
 Respiratory rate > 20/mina Obvious alternative causes of respiratory distress
 Chest cough Nosocomial LRTI (>  3 days after hospitalization)
 Nasal flaring Other febrile infection during the past 3 weeks
 Retractions Active (haematological) malignancy
 Rales Immune-suppressive or immune-modulating therapies
 Expiratory wheeze Moderate to severe psychomotor retardation
 Decreased breath sounds Moderate to severe congenital metabolic disorder
Sepsis b ; ≥ 2 signs c
 Heartrate > 90/min  
 Respiratory rate > 20/min  
 Core body temperature > 38 °C or < 36 °C  
 White blood cell count > 12,000 cells/ μl or < 4000/ μl  
  1. aWHO age-specific criteria for tachypnea will be used for children [41]
  2. bAge-specific criteria for sepsis criteria according to the guidelines of the International Paediatric Sepsis Consensus Conference 2005 will be used for children [42]
  3. cOne of which must be abnormal temperature or white blood cell count
  4. HIV human immunodeficiency virus, HBV hepatitis B virus, HCV hepatitis C virus