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Table 2 Multiple linear regression analysis of the correlation between HBoV1 prevalence and meteorological factors in Guangzhou from July 2009 to June 2016

From: Epidemiology of HBoV1 infection and relationship with meteorological conditions in hospitalized pediatric patients with acute respiratory illness: a 7-year study in a subtropical region

Meteorological factors Correlation coefficient p value
Mean temperature (°C) 0.259 0.002
Mean relative humidity (%) −0.126 0.024
Mean wind speed (m/s) −0.190 0.736
Sunshine duration (h) −0.006 0.426
The regression model adjusted R2 = 0.231, p < 0.001
Mean temperature in the preceding month (°C) 0.328 < 0.001
Mean relative humidity (%) −0.083 0.039
Mean wind speed (m/s) −0.453 0.317
Sunshine duration (h) −0.014 0.051
  1. Multiple linear regression analysis was performed using HBoV1 monthly prevalence as the dependent variable, monthly mean temperature (or mean temperature in the preceding month), mean relative humidity, mean wind speed and sunshine duration as the independent variables
  2. Data captured in bold are highly significant