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Table 2 Approaches for YMSM participants to seek for health information online in China, 2017 (n = 425)

From: Linking young men who have sex with men (YMSM) to STI physicians: a nationwide cross-sectional survey in China

Platforms Perceived
Seeking about symptomsa Seeking for servicesb
N(%) N(%) N(%)
Search engine 243/402(60.4%)   
Governmental websites 133/156(85.3%)   
Counseling websites 54/72(75.0%)   
Generic social media 93/151(61.6%) 142/151 (94.0%) 115/151 (76.2%)
Gay mobile App 155/201(77.1%) 182/201 (90.5%) 131/201 (65.2%)
Mobile medical Appc 37/50(74.0%) 44/50(88.0%) 40/50(80.0%)
  1. aSymptoms included latest search about STIs and symptoms of STIs;
  2. bServices included viewing online comments on physicians and making an appointment.
  3. cMobile medical apps referred to apps that provide medical counselling and treatment service, such as Ping An Good Doctor App and Good Doctor Online App