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Table 3 Overlap of DEGs with existing gene signatures

From: “Tuberculosis in advanced HIV infection is associated with increased expression of IFNγ and its downstream targets”

Gene list source Genes in Signature Overlap with DE genes (Current study) Common Overlap p-value
Kaforou et al. (PMID: 24167453) 27 CD79B, DUSP3, FAM20A, FLVCR2, FCGR1A, ANKRD22 6 0.004707
Dawany et al. (PMID: 24587128) 251 ZNF516, SMAD7, ITGA4, FLVCR2, MSRB2, C9orf91, IFNAR2, PPBP, ARL4C, GK HLA-DMB 11 0.6178
Lai et al. (PMID: 26399326) 43 MAPK14, SIPA1L2, CDK5RAP2, ANXA3, BCL2A1, DOK3, ACSL1, TPST1, PFKFB3, BASP1, GPR97, TLR5 12 5.39E-08
Zak et al. (PMID: 27017310) 16 FCGR1A, ANKRD22, BATF2 3 0.0001189