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Table 2 HIV risk behaviors in the past six months among MSM who had regular male sex partners

From: Intimate relationship characteristics as determinants of HIV risk among men who have sex with regular male sex partners: a cross-sectional study in Guangzhou, China

  Col% (n)
N = 406
Sex partnership information
 Had anal sex with multiple male sex partners
  No 43.8 (178)
  Yes 56.2 (228)
 Had casual male sex partner(s)
  No 50.5 (205)
  Yes 49.5 (201)
 Had commercial male sex partner(s)
  No 96.3 (391)
  Yes 3.7 (15)
 Had non-regular male sex partners (casual or commercial male sex partners)
  No 50.2 (204)
  Yes 49.8 (202)
Condom use information in the past six months
 Had UAI with regular male sex partners
  No 46.1 (187)
  Yes 53.9 (219)
 Had UAI with NRP (casual or commercial male sex partners)
  No 76.4 (310)
  Yes 23.6 (96)
 Had concurrent UAI with both regular male sex partners and non-regular male sex partners
  No 79.3 (322)
  Yes 20.7 (84)