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Table 2 Antibiotic resistance genes of 54 DEC strains

From: Characteristics of diarrheagenic Escherichia coli among children under 5 years of age with acute diarrhea: a hospital based study

  Sex Age(month) Seasonality Carbapenemase genes ESBLs genes
 TJ1 Female 12–23 Autumn blaNDM-1 blaCTX-M-55
 TJ2 Male 0–11 Autumn   blaTEM-1
 TJ3 Female 12–23 Summer   blaCTX-M-14
 TJ4 Female 0–11 Winter   blaTEM-1
 TJ5 Male 12–23 Winter   blaCTX-M-55
 TJ6 Male 24–35 Autumn   blaCTX-M-137;blaTEM-1
 TJ7 Male 24–35 Autumn   blaCTX-M-14;blaTEM-1
 TJ8 Male 36–47 Autumn   blaCTX-M-55;blaTEM-1
 TJ9 Male 36–47 Autumn   blaCTX-M-15
 TJ10 Male 0–11 Summer   blaTEM-214
 TJ11 Male 48–59 Winter blaNDM-1  
 TJ12 Male 0–11 Autumn   blaTEM-1
 TJ13 Female 24–35 Summer   blaCTX-M-15
 TJ14 Male 0–11 Summer   blaTEM-1
 TJ15 Male 36–47 Autumn   blaCTX-M-55
 TJ16 Female 24–35 Summer   blaTEM-1
 TJ17 Male 0–11 Autumn   blaCTX-M-55;blaTEM-214
 TJ18 Female 0–11 Autumn   blaCTX-M-55;blaTEM-214
 TJ19 Male 24–35 Autumn   blaCTX-M-55;blaTEM-1
 TJ20 Male 0–11 Autumn   blaCTX-M-15
 TJ21 Male 36–47 Winter   blaCTX-M-15
 TJ22 Male 48–59 Autumn   blaCTX-M-55;blaTEM-1
 TJ23 Male 0–11 Spring blaKPC-2 blaCTX-M-65;blaTEM-1
 TJ24 Female 0–11 Summer   blaCTX-M-15;blaTEM-1
 TJ25 Male 0–11 Summer   blaCTX-M-15
aEPEC + ETEC (2/3)     
 TJ26 Male 0–11 Autumn   blaCTX-M-55
 TJ27 Male 0–11 Autumn   blaCTX-M-14
tEPEC + EAEC(1/1)
 TJ28 Male 12–23 Winter   blaCTX-M-55;blaTEM-1