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Table 2 The change in sensitivity profile in recurrence patients with paired isolates

From: A nested case–control study of predictors for tuberculosis recurrence in a large UK Centre

Recurrence classification Number of cases (29) Primary episode sensitivity profile Recurrence episode sensitivity profile
Recurrence 10 Sensitive Sensitive
Reinfection 2 Sensitive Sensitive
1 H resistant H resistant
Relapse 11 Sensitive Sensitive
1 Sensitive R resistant
1 Q & H resistant H resistant (Q not tested)
1 H resistant RH resistant
1 RHZQ resistant RHZEQ resistant
1 RHZE resistant RHZE resistant
  1. R rifampicin, H isoniazid, Z pyrazinamide, E ethambutol, Q Quinolone
  2. Recurrence: two episodes of tuberculosis characterized by paired cultures positive for Mtb without MIRU-VNTR strain typing performed; Relapse: ≤ 1 MIRU-VNTR locus difference between isolates; Reinfection: ≥2 MIRU-VNTR loci differences