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Table 2 Final case categorisation, based on laboratory features

From: The aetiologies of central nervous system infections in hospitalised Cambodian children

CNS infection category Features (in addition to meeting clinical case definition)
Suspected Non-purulent CSF AND absence of identifiable pathogens by culture, PCR, or serology
Probable Purulent CSF (WBC ≥100 cells/μL OR [WBC 10–99 cells/μL AND glucose <2.2 mmol/L or protein >1.0 g/L]) AND absence of identifiable pathogens by culture, Gram stain, PCR, or serologya
Abnormal CSF (WBC 10–99 cells/μL AND normal protein/glucose) AND positive blood culture and/or positive CSF Gram stain
Confirmed Pathogen detected in CSF by culture and/or PCR
Positive serology in CSF
Positive blood culture AND purulent CSF
Purulent CSF AND positive CSF Gram stain
  1. aPathogen-negative probable cases were re-categorised as suspected cases if laboratory testing was incomplete