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Table 1 Clinical course of the treatment

From: Natural history of Mycobacterium fortuitum pulmonary infection presenting with migratory infiltrates: a case report with microbiological analysis

Treatment regimen Start time Duration Note
RIF + EB + CLA + LVFX 3 years before the referral 1 year  
RIF + EB + CLA + INH 8 months before the referral 8 months  
MEPM → ABPC/SBT 38 months after the referral 2 weeks Treatment for aspiration pneumonia
IPM/CS (for 2 weeks) +
AMK (for 3 months) +
40 months after the referral 5 years (continuing) Improvement and no recurrence of migratory infiltrates
  1. Abbreviations: RIF rifampicin, EB ethambutol, CLA clarithromycin, LVFX levofloxacin; INH isoniazid, MEPM meropenem, ABPC/SBT ampicillin/sulbactum, IPM/CS, imipenem/cilastatin, AMK amikacin, MINO, minomycin